"Her Equality, Rights and Autonomy"

 Women Entrepreneurs and Business Working Together Can Stop Human Trafficking.  


HERA promotes the economic autonomy of young womenwho have
experienced violence and other forms of exploitation, 
so that they may become entrepreneurs
and find formal employment. 



Listen to Lynellyn Long, founder of HERA, Rahul Bansal from Imperial College and one of HERA's students
speak about how HERA, through offering mentorship and entrepreneurship skills can transform women.

Click on the image to listen to HERA on Women's Hour 30 July 2013 

Our Dream:  Create a world where “Her Equality, Rights and Autonomy” become the reality. 

Our Vision: Women Entrepreneurs can prevent trafficking - fostering entrepreneurship builds on the resilience and determination of survivors.

Our Challenge:  Welcome all formerly-trafficked women, aspiring women entrepreneurs, and/or women vulnerable to trafficking who will benefit from our programmes, whilst becoming more sustainable and efficient each year.